a man and a woman seductively talking to each otherEveryone knows that guys love dirty talk, it’s just how they’re wired. When you whisper those naughty little words into his ear it creates powerful imagery in his mind as he starts to fantasise about all those naughty thoughts that you just put into his head.

Our brains are actually our most powerful sex organ. It’s responsible for all the functions in our body, including our sexual functions and feelings of desire.

This is why it is possible for both men and women to have an orgasm without being physically stimulated, but through fantasy and imagination alone.

And this is what happens when a guy has a wet dream, he wakes up from his slumber only to find a wet patch in his shorts.

Basically, the sexual dream he had created a bunch of intensely erotic fantasies in his mind that began a chemical reaction shooting through his body. Before long, the fantasy feels so real then bam! he ejaculates.

Most women are thrilled when they learn that they can wield such a power over a man just by using her words alone.

If you were to imagine what it would be like to always know exactly what to say to a guy to turn him on, to get him to fantasise about you even when you’re not around and to beg to be with you, and only you, then you’ll probably quickly realize why dirty talk has recently become such a hot topic!

However, most women think that they know how to talk dirty to a guy, they ‘think’ they know what words they should be using and how they should be using their voice.

The reality is that men and women think very differently when it comes to sex.

In most cases, the words, situations and scenarios that turn on a woman are not the same for men, and vice vera. This is where most women go wrong and end up either not getting much of a reaction from their guy or turning him off completely.

When this happens, most guys either don’t react very strongly or they just pretend that her words are turning him on.

Guys do this for several reasons; one, he doesn’t want to upset or embarrass his woman and two, he’s just about to get some and he doesn’t want to put you off your game, he’d rather keep quiet so the two of you can get down and busy.

Fortunately, there are sex experts out there who teach women exactly what to say to a guy and how to say it. The downside is those private sessions can be very expensive.

This is why sex expert, Felicity Keith, decided to put together an easy to follow, step-by-step guide that teaches women not only the exact words and phrases to turn her man on, but also how to use her voice in a way that communicates directly with the pleasure centers in his brain.

Felicity’s course also teaches women how to become sexually liberated, to step into her confidence and own her sexual power. You can find out more about Felicity’s course here.

When it comes to a person’s zodiac sign, there are also certain characteristics and tendencies specific to each sign. Therefore, an Aries man will have slightly different turn on’s to an Aquarius man, for example.

This is why I wanted to write an article about how you can tweak your dirty talk depending on which zodiac sign your man relates to.

So, without further ado, below are the key differences in dirty talk for guys depending on their zodiac sign.

Dirty Talking According to Ma’s Zodiac Sign

Aries man

a woman whispering in her boyfriends earAries men in bed are straightforward and simple. What’s more, they like to be very domineering.

Knowing this means you can play on his dominant nature by telling him all the naughty things you want him to do to you. If your naughty words conjures up images in his mind of you being submissive to him in some way then he’ll love it!

You can also use the four letter word to express what you want your Aries lover to do to you. For example, “I love the way you fu*k me right now…”.

Taurus man

The man in Taurus perceives sex as an activity that helps him to get away from his busy schedule. He does not mind prolonging his lovemaking sessions.

What’s more, details with a lot of sensory input are very important for a Taurus man in bed. Therefore, if you want to turn on a Taurus guy, it is important that you give him a vivid description of what you want him to do to you or what you will do to him.

Be sure to involve all your senses in your descriptions and get him to feel exciting body sensations with your words.

For example, saying to him, “Can you imagine how good it will feel when we get home and your “XXXX” is in my mouth…”, will get him to imagine all the sensations and feelings that you are describing.

A Taurus man also takes great pleasure in pleasing his woman. So, you can also use words and phrases that get him to imagine pleasuring you too.

For instance, “I can’t stop thinking about how it would feel with your tongue against my………”

Gemini man

Gemini men have strong imaginations and love fantasizing. They like it when the implications of dirty talk or sex are somewhat impractical and impossible in the moment.

In other words, if you want to turn on your Gemini guy, try to send him a naughty text when he’s at work so he then actually has to wait until later to see you before he can act on it. All the while he will be thinking of what the two of you will be doing together later.

Another great opportunity is when you’re both at the airport together. Whispering something naughty in his ear will get him thinking all manner of naughty things until the two of you can make it so.

The idea is to talk dirty to your Gemini man when you are at a place where having sex is impossible. It makes him fantasize about having to do it at that inappropriate place, which he finds highly arousing.

a woman laying on a bed sending dirty text messages

Cancer man

The sensitive Cancer guy wants you to dote on him. He wants you to tell him a sexy story that has the dirtiest details and, of course, involves you and him at the center.

What’s more, your Cancer partner wants you to make the sexual descriptions colourful and vivid.

Apart from that, your Cancer boyfriend wants you to talk dirty to him and ask for his permission to do those things to him.

Leo man

Nothing turns on a Leo man like complimenting him and polishing his ego. So, if you want to win the heart of a Leo man, it is important that you make it a habit to shower him with praise.

For instance, your Leo boyfriend wants you to tell him in detail how much he turns you on and how much you can’t stop thinking of him doing X, Y and Z to you, regardless of the time of day.

This is a big ego boost for him and also gets him thinking of all the scenarios you just mentioned. So, if there’s a particular fantasy that you want him to act out if you put it into his head he may very well act it out for you later.

The secret is to make your erotic talk as flattering as possible. You need to make him feel like he’s the most gorgeous and hottest man on earth.

Virgo man

Virgo men are not known to be very kinky, but they certainly know how to engage in erotic talk. Therefore, you must be able to keep pace with him to avoid disappointing your Virgo male.

Your sexual vibe needs to be sensational, elaborate and somewhat intelligent.

Virgo men like it when dirty talk involves the intricate details of the lacy and sexy lingerie you are wearing, for instance.

See my article here for more detailed info on how to please a Virgo man in bed.

Libra man

Libra men are skilful romantics. They are the kind of men who have fairytale wishes and unrealistic sexual dreams.

So, when talking dirty to your Libra guy, it is important to avoid being scandalous. You need to keep your erotic talk simple and sweet so that you can encourage him to share his fantasies and wishes with you.

However, if you’re naturally a bit kinkier than your Libra lover, it doesn’t mean that you can’t bring him around to your way of thinking. Libra guys want to know that they are pleasing their woman, so if he gets the idea that a particular kink is your thing, he’ll be much more likely to warm up to the idea if he knows it will please you.

With Libra man, you also need to tell him the things that make you happy. So, if you need more detailed info on the exact things that turn a Libra man on, read what astrologer, Anna Kovach has to say here.

Scorpio man

Scorpio men do not have limits when it comes to talking dirty. Your Scorpio man is capable of handling any kind of erotic talk regardless of the intensity of the words you use. What’s more, he absolutely loves it!

In fact, there’s almost nothing sexual that will shock a Scorpio. He has a deep and varied imagination when it comes to sex and loves to experiment and try new things.

When whispering naughty words into his ear, you do not need to be elaborate. Going straight to the point without pulling any punches is what seems to work well with Scorpio men.

If you are dating a Scorpio guy, it is important to note that you can engage in sex talk any time of the day or night and he will respond.

a young couple in bed together talking

Sagittarius man

Sagittarius men tend to take sex quite seriously. To a Sagittarius guy, sex is both a physical and a philosophical act. Therefore, when talking dirty to him, it is important that you make it exciting for him by combining the two pleasures.

Sagittarius fellas are also very adventurous due to the high level of fire energy that they possess. So, making your dirty talk sound physically pleasurable, active and adventurous is a great combo for a Sag.

To make the lovemaking sessions more thrilling for your Sagittarius man, you can encourage him to talk back to you about how he feels or what he wants.

Capricorn Man

When talking dirty to your Capricorn lover, it is important that you show him you understand him and his needs.

Capricorn men can be very dominating and like to be in the lead role. Therefore, make your dirty talk focus on him being the one in the lead and taking his pleasure with you.

What’s more, a good ego massage also works well with a Cap fella. If you want to win his heart and be the star of all his sexual fantasies, it is important that you tell him how hot you find him and how impressive he is in the bedroom.

Aquarius Man

The Goog Girl's Guide To Texting Dirty - by Felicity KeithYour Aquarius boyfriend wants to listen to your seductive, yet soothing words. Therefore, you need to take your time with your Aquarius lover and bring him on an erotic adventure by allowing both your imaginations to run wild together.

The secret of winning the attention of your Aquarius man in bed is to stimulate his curiosity and pique his intrigue with your words.

Enticing him with seductively dirty texts and emails is especially effective on an Aquarius guy.

Sex expert Felicity Keith is currently giving away free copies of her book, ‘The Good Girl’s Guide To Texting Dirty’. You can find out more about how to get your free copy here.

Pisces man

A Pisces man in bed is very imaginative. Therefore, sexy talk comes naturally to him.

With that in mind, there is no limit to how adventurous or descriptive your sex talk can get with him. However, it is important to remember that your Pisces guy is also a very sensitive chap.

Although he will not show it on the surface, your Pisces boyfriend needs to feel secure and well taken care of when he’s with you. What’s more, flexibility is paramount when talking dirty to a Pisces male as he will like you to mix things up to keep things exciting.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how he thinks sexually based on his zodiac sign will help to make your dirty talk far more effective and communicate with him on a deeper level.

Being aware that men and women think differently about sex is very important when it comes to dirty talk. If you just say things to him that you think he wants to hear or the things that would turn you on then you’re likely not going to get much reaction out of him, or even turn him off completely.

Knowing the exact words and phrases that men crave to hear and understanding exactly how to use your voice in order to deliver your naughty little love messages will put you ahead of 99% of all the other women out there who just try to wing it.

However, being able to fully step into your sexual power and own your sexual energy as Felicity Keith teaches, will make your dirty talk much more impactful.

For those who use Felicity’s methods, it puts you front and centre of all his sexual fantasies, where he wants you, and only you. Felicity explains exactly how it works here.

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