An intimate coupleIn the bedroom, partners are supposed to be uninhibited, not apprehensive, or intimidated – explore and let their imaginations run free. Unfortunately, this is not always this case.

One partner may prefer a bit more spice, while the other would instead like to remain ‘vanilla.’

Still, there are methods to ensure you are both satisfied and stimulated by a vibrant sex life regardless of the amount of time you’ve been together.

Bring in the toys!

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Do Everyday Partners Use Sex Toys For An Erotic Twist To Their Sex Life?

Sadly, it seems a lot of couples are hesitant to use sex toys feeling somewhat intimidated with a lack of understanding of what these can bring to the ‘table.’

Options like dildos offer a vast range of features, shapes, sizes, and colors to create a versatile, stimulating experience meant to bind two people closer in their relationship and introduce an entirely new chapter to their sexual episodes.

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Introducing Dildos As A New Concept For Sexual Pleasure

a vibrator with a pair of ladies knickersDildos have become associated with strictly masturbation purposes. That is misleading as a growing number of partners are finding innovative ways to introduce these toys into their bedrooms.

The use of these pieces has the potential to ‘teach’ each person in the relationship what brings the other to arousal and gives a little kink to what may have become a little too ‘normal.’

There is a broad range of products on the market suited to every style or preference. You can go to online shops to view options at

Whether you shop from the comfort of your home or choose to go to a real-time store, you should make your choices together to add to the experience’s intimacy. There are dildos made for everyone, so you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed at the selections. Ask questions, especially if you’ve never used sex toys.

  • Starting out: In the beginning, those who are less experienced tend to opt for choices that are thinner and smaller in size because they aren’t as ‘scary’ as the other more massive selections. The small dildos generally play a part in anal sex but tend to have insufficient girth for vaginal penetration.
  • Realistic Choices:  Some partners want the effect to be realistic, and some selections give that sensation with materials meant to mimic human skin. These options look the part complete with a ‘scrotum’ and ‘veins’ to complete the effect.

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It’s difficult in the throes of passion to consider ‘safety.’ Still, before you engage, if you’re sharing the items, they should be cleaned before being inserted into the other person, particularly if you’re going from anus to vagina. Or you can simply put a condom on it.

  • For Those Who Prefer Exotic: The volume of ‘lifelike’ options is matched by the number of exotic selections on the market. Some of these can appear ‘wild’ compared to other choices but offer no manual for your instruction. Erotica with a dildo derives from the participants’ imagination.

 In order to have a good time with sex toys, you should not be intimidated but instead, want to explore and enjoy new experiences with the other person. In reality, sex has a basis in trust. Sex toys are merely an extension of that further binding the relationship and actually bringing you much closer on an intimate level.

If you trust the other person, you’ll both feel comfortable in exploring each other in intimacy.

Sometimes it can be challenging to keep a spark with lovemaking for partners who are celebrating an extended time together. By introducing another level in the bedroom through the use of sex toys, sex becomes a whole new experience for each of you.

You begin to learn things about the other person you may have never known. Plus, there’s an added layer of kink if you so choose and if you take that initial fear out of the equation.

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a dildo with a condom packet

Final Word

When you have the fortune of having developed a strong foundation with another person whom you’ve been with for an extended period of time, there’s a level of trust that many partnerships don’t have. It affords you the opportunity to test boundaries others may find ‘scary’ without apprehensions, including the world of sex toys and dildos, because there is trust and communication.

You can use your imagination with a dildo to create a scenario as erotic as you choose or perhaps ‘low-key’ at the start. But these items allow each of you to learn things about the other person and their body that you might never have known if you didn’t take this step.

Using dildos, partners are in control of their experience, let your imaginations guide you through your exploration.

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