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Taurus Man In Bed: How To Please Him Sexually

two lovers in bed together cuddling under the sheetsIf you’ve got your eye on a hot Taurus man or if you’re dating one and now want to know what he’s like in bed then here in this article I will reveal all his naughty little secrets. I will also give you the low-down on what he likes and how to please him sexually so he wants you, and only you.

Taurus men are known to be very sensual partners. Characteristically, they are can be very adventurous, stubborn, cunning, passionate, faithful, honest, and loyal both in a relationship and in other areas of their life.

Being able to combine all the things that turn him on along with the exact words phrases that that make him want you is the key to being able to satisfy him like no other woman has done before.

If you want to attract the stubborn but oh so sensual Taurus man and keep him interested in you, and only you, then this article will give you the insights you need.

What You Need to Know About Sex with a Taurus Man

Stimulate his senses

Taurus guys are known to be very sensual creatures. They like anything that stimulates their senses in a pleasurable and satisfying way.

When he’s making love he enjoys to indulge all the senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Giving him a highly sensual experience during sex becomes a fully immersive experience for him.

His sense of touch

Lightly caressing and stroking him will help to stimulate his sense of touch as well as massaging him with some warm oil during foreplay. He will also like to touch and caress your body too, as he will greatly enjoy perceiving you through his sense of touch.

He may also like the light touch of something soft like a feather stroking his skin, so play around with various tactile objects that are pleasing to the touch and see which ones he responds to the most.

His sense of sound

The ears are a very sensitive erogenous zone and respond well to light kisses, gentle licks and tender nibbles. However, hearing naughty little words whispered into his ear from you is also highly arousing for him.

His sense of smell

Wearing a nice scented perfume and using relaxing scented candles will help to tantalise his sense of smell.

His sense of sight

Taurus guys like to see their woman when they are making love. Not only does it make him more aroused to see you while he’s making love to you, but he also wants to see that you’re enjoying the experience too.

Taurus men are known to be great lovers as they like to go the extra distance to make sure their partner is satisfied. So if he can see that you are enjoying making love to him, he will want to please you all the more.

His sense of taste

Using some food items in your foreplay such as strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate sauced can help to greatly heighten his sense or pleasure.

If you’ve not tried it already, consider squirting some whipped cream onto some of your body parts and ask him to lick it off you.

a young couple being sexually intimate on a rug on the floor

Dirty talk

Following on from stimulating his sense of sound above, Taurus men just absolutely love dirty talk.

Whispering sexy words of what you want him to do you to or what you want to do to him is a highly arousing experience.

When you talk dirty to him it lets him know that you really want and desire him. This is a big ego boost for him. However, your Taurean lover also wants to know that he’s pleasing you too, so talking dirty is a great way to let him know how much you enjoy all the things he does to you.

Many women are shy when it comes to talking dirty as it takes confidence in yourself and your sexuality to be able to do it well. So, when you talk dirty to him it unconsciously shows him that you are a strong woman who is comfortable in her sexual power, which is also highly attractive.

When most women talk dirty to their boyfriend they make the mistake of just saying the first thing that comes to mind or worse yet, the things that she would like to hear.

However, the fact is men and women just don’t think the same when it comes to sex. The kinds of words, phrases and scenarios that turn a woman on are very different for what actually gets a guy hot and horny.

Fortunately, sex therapist Felicity Keith teaches women the exact words and phrases that men go crazy for.

Felicity also shows women how to find their confidence once and for all and step into their sexual power to become the kind of woman that men find highly attractive and can’t resist. She explains her methods here.

If you want to know more about talking dirty to a Taurus, then check out my article on talking dirty to him by his zodiac sign.

He wants to make love in a romantic environment

Satisfying your Taurus man sexually starts with setting the perfect mood.

For the most part, Taurus men desire to make love in a relaxing, comfortable and clean space where he can indulge himself and explore you completely.

Getting the atmosphere right with some nice scented candles, low lighting and soft, sexy music gets him in the mood.

You can even take it a step further by using silk sheets on the bed and even dressing up in some sexy lingerie so he can have fun undressing you.

He wants foreplay

Taurus men are like taking their time when making love, and therefore absolutely love foreplay.

He likes to take his time and pay attention to how you are responding to all the ways in which he pleasures you. He will build up a mental picture of exactly what you like so he can pleasure you all the more with each love-making session.

He knows how to use his tongue and you will certainly have mind-blowing orgasms from oral sex. In return, he will also desire and appreciate good oral sex from you too.

Interestingly, surveys have shown that the majority of men say that the oral sex they receive from women is mostly average at best. However, most women think they are good at it.

This is why sex instructors like Jack teach women the exact techniques that drive him wild and blow his mind. You can find out about Jack’s methods here.

Let him dominate

Taurus men are domineering by nature.

With that in mind, your Taurus man gets very turned on when you play the submissive role and let him take charge.

Your Taurus lover wants you to be feminine and see your receptive side. However, he also likes to dominate you with pleasure too. So telling him exactly what you want and how you like it is something that he always wants to hear.

However, Taurus guy does not mind playing the submissive role and feeling appreciated. He also desires to just lie down and be given sexual pleasure, so this is your chance to dominate him with your sexual power.

two people's feet sticking out of the covers in bed

Try new things

Taurus men love routine and can get stuck in their ways, even in the bedroom department. However, this can become boring. It’s not that he doesn’t like change, it’s just that he’s not the most imaginative when it comes to sex.

However, he will not mind trying new things in the bedroom if you suggest them. Being creative in the bedroom and making things fun and exciting for both of you will help the tow of you to have a satisfying and rewarding sex life.

Experimenting with sex toys will help to spice up your sexual relationship with a Taurus man as he will likely be open to using them with you.

In addition, changing up your sexual positions will also be a welcomed change. For a Taurus man, he particularly likes the positions where he can see you and look into your eyes while you’re making love.

As mentioned earlier, Taurus men like to take their time during sex, so when introducing new things just relax and take your time exploring with him before moving onto the next thing.

It is important that you focus on making each comfortable as you explore new ideas and experiences with him.

He wants loads of compliments

Men like it when they are complimented in the bedroom, and Taurus man is not an exception. This helps to boost his ego and make him feel desired by you.

So, if you want to win the heart of your Taurus lover, it is important that you let him know how much you like it when he does all those naughty and exciting things to you.

In addition, if you like the way he flips you over or how he does something that you like, it is important that you use positive reinforcement so he will do it all the more.

Final Thoughts

The secret of knowing how to satisfy your Taurus man in bed is in his sexual traits.

He’s a highly sensual creature so play that to your advantage and indulge all his senses wherever possible.

He likes to take his time while making love, therefore, foreplay is very important to him.

Creating the perfect atmosphere, dressing up in some sexy lingerie and combining sensual touch with dirty talk with long indulgent foreplay sessions will absolutely blow his socks off.

As sensuality is an integral part of how a Taurus man communicates sexually, he is highly attracted and aroused by a woman who is confident enough to step into and own her sexual power, just like Felicity Keith teaches here.

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How to Get an Aries Man Back After a Breakup

an attractive man and woman looking at each otherAries men forgive easily, but they tend to hold grudges for a long time. Therefore, not knowing whether your Aries crush will reunite with you can trigger a wide range of emotions. As such, it is totally natural to be going through emotions such as depression, sadness, confusion or even anger following a breakup.

This is often the case, particularly if you have invested a big part of you into the relationship.

However, depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to win back your ex Aries lover.

Firstly, you need to understand the personality traits of an Aries guy so that you can succeed in attracting him again. For instance, Aries men are very stubborn and tend to believe that it’s their way or the highway. They tend to believe that their opinions are always right.

In addition, Aries males do not like to be controlled. They hate being told what to do. They are often domineering, arrogant and sometimes even selfish and cold.

So, it is important that you take into account the above negative traits of an Aries man if you’re wanting to win him back.

If you feel that you need expert help in getting your Arian lover back then astrologer Anna Kovach shows women exactly how to attract an Aries man and win him back by using astrology here.

In this article, you are going to gain insights on how to win back an Aries male without messing up. Please keep reading.

How to Win Back an Aries Man After You’ve Broken Up

Give him space

Aries males do not like to be pushed into anything, especially when it involves relationships. What’s more, they dislike clingy and demanding women.

Therefore, if you do not want your Aries crush to pull away completely and find another woman then avoid being clingy at all costs.

It is important that you give him time to calm down and reflect, particularly if you are the one who wronged him or ended the relationship.

In addition, resolving your differences too soon might lead to blame games or huge disagreements, which will worsen things.

So, when you give your ex-Aries guy time out for a couple of weeks, chances are that he might start missing you.

What’s more, it is imperative that you also give yourself time to not only reflect but also to recover and heal.

This is where the no contact rule can be very effective after a breakup with an Aries guy. The no contact rule basically states that you should not have any contact with him what so ever for a period of 30 days following the breakup.

This also includes no texts, emails or liking his posts on social media. It’s complete radio silence.

However, after this phase one of the most effective methods of contact is text messaging. The problem is, misunderstandings are all too easy to make with texting and it is very easy to say the wrong thing. Doing so can completely blow all your chances of getting back together for good.

That’s why relationship expert, Amy North created an easy to follow copy/paste text messaging system that has helped thousands of couple reunite after a breakup. You can find out more about Amy’s text message recovery system here.

a woman sitting in a cafe sending a text message to her ex boyfriend

Keep yourself busy

It can be hard to think about doing something constructive after a breakup. However, active, feminine, and independent women always impress Aries men, so you go, girl!

Aries males tend to gravitate towards women who work hard to achieve their dreams and life goals. So if he sees that you have aspirations outside of your relationship then it’s likely to make him feel more attracted to you.

With that in mind, it is important that you avoid spending your free time staring at your phone and waiting for a text or call from your Aries lover.

On the contrary, your Aries fella will appreciate and miss you if you spend your free time improving yourself and your life in some way.

In addition, you can plan to get a new look by changing your wardrobe and going to the gym. Once he sees you’ve got a new look he’ll naturally start to wonder two things;

  • Are you over him?
  • Do you have a new guy in your life?

Spending time with friends, going on an adventure, indulging in spa days and trying out a new hobby are great ways you can keep yourself busy and build your self-esteem.

Initiate a conversation

Of course, communication is crucial if you want to get back together with your Aries male.

If after a couple of weeks your ex-Aries boyfriend has not reached out and you’ve waited the thirty day no contact period, then you can make your move and send him a text. However, it is critical that you send him the right messages like relationship coach, Amy recommends here.

When sending that first text, make sure you keep your emotions in check. The last thing you want to do is to appear desperate or unveil your intentions too early.

If possible, it is advisable that you do not talk about the breakup during your initial days of communication. The secret is to consider your ex-Aries man as a friend.

It is important that you avoid talking about the problems that caused the breakup. However, you can choose to talk about the breakup without trying to convince him to take you back.

Aries the ram zodiac sign

Be patient

Patience is key when trying to win the attention of an ex Aries lover. So, be patient after you’ve apologized for any wrong-doing that you have caused if this is relevant. He needs time to process your apology so don’t rush him.

Do not nag him or appear desperate, clingy or needy and especially do not double texting him. This kind of behaviour will certainly push him away.

If after your initial contact all seems to be going well, you can invite him on an innocuous coffee date.

If your ex-Aries man is still interested in working things out, he will respond positively to your texts.

Should he agree to come on a date with you, you avoid being confrontational with him. instead, just relax and get to know him again as a friend.

If he is totally unresponsive to your text messages then you absolutely need to get the help of a relationship coach. Amy North is an expert at sending relationship texts. You can listen to his advice on texting after a breakup here.

If he decides to meet up with you, it is important that you take the time to listen to him. Above all, do not dominate the discussion. Be patient and listen to what he wants and what he intends to do.

Final Thoughts

In the aftermath of the breakup take the time to get back in touch with yourself and your own needs again. This is the perfect time to apply the no contact rule.

Once you are ready to make contact and you have given him sufficient time to also cool off and reflect, the best way to establish contact again is by text.

If your ex-Aries guy wants you back or misses you, he is likely to respond positively to you. Nonetheless, Aries men are stubborn. Therefore, it is important that you prepare your mind for both a positive or negative ending.

If your ex-Aries guy rejects you, you still have a chance of winning him back by sending him text messages that are written by a relationship expert. Amy North has helped thousands of couples going through breakup situations with is text message recovery system.

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